I Think I Just Joined Scentsy

flowersI have a friend who has been trying to get me to “join Scentsy” for some time now. At first I did not even know what she meant by this phrase. It sounded like some sort of cult to be perfectly honest. But she explained to me that Scentsy is a company that sells scented candles or some such. She went on an on about how Scentsy’s mission is to “inspire people with beautiful fragrances and the memories and emotions they bring forth.” (I am pretty sure she used that exact phrase). She said they were looking for “passionate people who want to succeed on their own terms.” I did not know quite what to make of all this jargon she was talking about. It seemed to me that she had joined Scentsy and Scentsy had taken over.

Then she got down to brass tax. She said if I made the decision to join Scentsy I could earn 20 to 36 percent commission on my sales with bonuses depending on my performance. I asked her why there was such a range in the amount of commission earned. She told me that new consultants (that would be my title once I joined) earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in “Personal Retail Volume” and 25 percent on all subsequent sales. In addition I could earn a 9 percent bonus on “Personal Wholesale Volume” based on rank. At this point I could feel my eyes begin to glaze over. She continued on and on about all expenses paid trips, learning valuable business skills and how I would make new friends with customers, hosts and all the other consultants. This is really the last thing I remember before I passed out and collapsed to the floor. Then I remember having a dream. I do not remember the exact content of the dream but I do recall the distinct presence of cinnamon and cloves. When I awoke I found myself alone in my bed with the strange sensation that I had somehow joined Scentsy and there was no turning back.


A Clean Living Space Increases Productivity

cleaning productsI am a firm believer in keeping my living space clean. When my living space is clean my thinking is clearer and my state of being is less agitated. By contrast, when my living space is cluttered and unclean, my thinking becomes scattered and my anxiety level increases. This negative mindset only becomes exacerbated the longer I remain in this state of affairs because the idea that I should clean up sits in the back of my head and nags me constantly. It takes energy to keep this nagging at bay and this is energy I could be using for other purposes.

Certainly cleaning takes time that I could otherwise be using for other seemingly more productive purposes. But I think that it would be a mistake to use this logic as an excuse not to clean myself or to hire a cleaning service in Salt Lake City to do the job for me. The reason for this is simple. If I do not clean and my mind becomes scattered and my anxiety level rises I will become less productive because the energy I would be using to be productive is now either being spent to keep the nagging voice at bay or is depleted and spent through anxiety. This will effectively nullify any gains in productivity I might have reaped by spending less time cleaning and more time trying to be productive.

I truly believe I have a finite amount of energy to expend each day. If I do not clean or hire a cleaning service in Salt Lake City to clean for me a portion of that energy will be dissipated in anxiety. If my thinking is scattered I loose whatever remaining energy I have because I cannot effectively focus it towards being productive. This is why I have found that by simply taking the time to keep my living space clean I will actually increase my productivity in the long term.