Get The Best Painting Contractors

Painting Contractor in Wasatch CountyIf you’ve never had to paint the exterior of your house, the first time can be quite daunting. It is hard to know who to trust with such an extensive, and sometimes expensive job. Let’s talk about some of the things you need to do before you hire out painting services in Park City, or anywhere else.

Finding Painters By Word Of Mouth

First of all, ask around. Word of mouth from trusted friends beats any advertising campaign, any day. Chances are however, that all of your friends did not use the same painting service. In this case, move on to step 2.

Painting Contractor Estimates

Get estimates. An estimate should cover the time and expense of your particular project. Detailed estimates can include itemizations as well. That way, if you are super savvy about exterior house painting, you can see what is necessary. You will also be able to determine which services have been tacked on as extraneous. Estimates will most likely be free. Make sure you get estimates from at least 3 different painting contractors. Even more estimates will serve you better if you have the time. Do not schedule the estimates at the same time, as this is in very poor taste. If there is a huge difference in the estimates, ask why. One painting contractor may provide a service that another does not.

Interview The Contractor

During the estimate meeting, ask questions about the painting company. How long have they been in business? Are they licensed, insured and bonded? Do they guarantee their work? These types of questions are perfectly reasonable. After all, you are about to spend quite a bit of money on them, and you should be protected. Pay attention not only to the answers to the questions, but the estimator’s demeanor as well. If he or she is offended at being asked these questions, or impatient, then there may be something fishy going on.

Review The Painting Contract

Once you have decided on a painter, review the contract before signing it. Reading everything line by line and making sure you understand it, is very important. If you have questions, or need to alter something you do not agree with, make sure you have that done before you sign the contract.